Contemporary Artist Paul Stark

If you think that all the great artists are in the past, then you cant even imagine how much you are mistaken.

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Paul Stark is a contemporary American artist. Born in 1957 and raised in Monterey, California, he graduated with honors from the College of Design Art Center in Pasadena in 1981, where he received a bachelor of fine arts in the field. Over the next two decades, he worked as an illustrator for various companies in California and New York before starting his career as a professional artist in 2009. Here you can find the best

His realistic paintings can be divided into two main categories: biographical interior paintings and paintings depicting working people. His interest in such a painting style is rooted in the work of the 16th century artist Jan Vermeer, and extends to objects, self-portraits, portraits of family members, friends, students, studio, classroom and home interiors. His goal is to create mood and emotions in his realistic paintings by manipulating light and using muted colors. Playing games is your cup of tea? You are always welcome in casino online australia. There’s a lot of opportunity to win!

Paul became famous after the transition to traditional art. Over the past 12 years, he has earned many awards and honors, the most prestigious of which is Master Signature from the American Oil Artists Association, the largest community of oil artists in the United States. Only one person out of 50 is awarded the opportunity to receive this honor. Paul Stark currently lives in Monterey and works in his studio, and he also teaches at the San Francisco Academy of Arts and is known as a talented teacher.